Rob Horsey


Rob Horsey grew up in Marion Station, Maryland and graduated from Crisfield High School. Instead of Art School, Rob went into science and attended the University of Maryland College Park and then went on to attend the School of Pharmacy at the University of Maryland. He graduated in 1986. He now lives and works in Salisbury, Maryland.

Rob is self-taught, with the exception of a few classes that he has taken here and there. He has always been a lover of fine art. Rob was influenced by Bob Ross and the Joy of Painting shows on PBS. He has also read numerous books and studied the masters of oil paintings. He is presently influenced by Richard Schmid and Robert Hagans. His works are usually seascapes but from the point of view of being in the water.

He enjoys showing the waters eye view of the subject. Rob’s future goal is to incorporate old master oil techniques with impressionistic loose painting to create images that resemble how the eye sees light falling on object.s